Charcoal vs Gas – Which produces more tasty food?

March 7, 2012 admin Charcoal Usage

Charcoal or Gas

There must be some truth in food cooked with charcoal taste better. If you look at any of the famous hawker style Penang Char Koay Teow stall, the chef is always using charcoal for cooking. For BBQ, many still prefer charcoal. The mechanism involved in cooking using charcoal is the smoke. Charcoal even though it is just smoldering, produces smoke.

For cooking with gas grills, it is nice to have clean fuel. However, it does not produce smoke. We can of course add smoker chips in a box to produce smoke in gas cooking, but this is flavor smoke and not natural. With charcoal, it produces some smoke naturally and heat are mixed together. As the food absorbs the heat, it also takes the natural flavor of the smoke.

With the above reason, I’ll always cook my favorite Char Koay Teow and BBQ with charcoal.


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